It Takes Years of Expertise to Achieve Perfecton…
Seconds to Experience it


30 Years of Expertise to Achieve Perfection.. One Second to Experience it. Our history dates back to 1970s, when Zeidan Brothers started manufacturing refined roasted and food processing machinery. In that period of time, Zeidan Brothers collected the bits and pieces of work that were instrumental in transforming the business towards international expansion. With the will and determination to sustain the work, this belief still holds true till this day and has been the foundation that has enabled Crunchy Nuts to develop into regional and global entities ever since.


Through our attention to detail, accuracy and pride that serves as the foundation for our manufacturing system we make sure that commitment to quality is never compromised.


To achieve quality excellence through reaffirming the commitment to roasting and packaging, directing our workforce to rigorous training, while contributing to the society we live in.


Want to become a distributor?

Crunchy Nuts continuously aims to produce high quality Lebanese roasted nuts around the world.

Our products include a variety of single items and mixes, packed in tins or bags, allowing us to meet every customer’s needs.

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Want to own your label?

We are committed to guiding you through the process of establishing your own private label.

Our services include: Handling the design and printing of label, providing customizable products, aiding with market strategy etc.


Buying in bulk?

Be it for roasteries, restaurants, hotels, or catering services, we can provide you with a variety of items in 1 up to 25kg packages.


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